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Our managed IT support services for Toronto-based businesses dramatically reduce or eliminate computer issues from happening in the first place, saving you big in network support costs.

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Windows 8.1

Why We Won’t Recommend Using Windows 8.1 In Your Business….Quite Yet

Last week my Help Desk received yet another frantic and frustrated call from a business owner who on the weekend, decided to get a new laptop. It came with Windows 8.1 (as they all do with the big box retailers) He excitedly took it home, set it up, and found he was unable to connect [...]

100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.
TAG is so confident that we can improve the reliability, security and stability of your computer systems and improve your staff's efficiency that we back it up with a powerful guarantee.
If after 90 days you feel like you've made a mistake enrolling in any of our IT support plans or that the services aren't worth what you've paid, just let us know and we'll refund every penny of the monthly subscription fees. No tricks, caveats or disclaimers.

Your business and your network

All businesses rely heavily on their computers and network. It’s a vital part of how you communicate with business associates, sell products, grow your business, and keep track of inventory and income. Your business cannot afford to have issues with that network, but hiring a person to manage your computers and network can be expensive and may fall foul of your business budget. Instead, consider hiring a managed IT service company to provide the maintenance and service that your network needs.

IT support for smaller companies

Protecting the productivity and profitability of Toronto businesses through proactive and preventative network support and Managed IT services

Whether you have 10, 30, or 75 computers on your network, Technical Action Group will ensure that your network and IT services are consistently available. Our specialty is providing proactive IT support, finding problems before they interfere with your business, and fixing those issues quickly and efficiently. We minimize your downtime by conducting our updates around your staff’s schedules so that you can focus on what you need to focus on—growing your business.

TAG services:

Finding problems before they become a problem

We watch the operation of your network 24 hours a day, seven days a week, running system checks and other preventative tests on your computers, laptops, network and servers, looking for any problems before they become noticeable to you. When we do find a problem, we immediately take action to fix the issue so that there is no interruption of service to you or your staff.

If spam is a problem in your email, consider taking advantage of our network security service which will remove 97% of spam and 100% of viruses from reaching your inboxes. We also protect your system against vicious malware, spyware, and other internet viruses, keeping you protected with the most efficient defenses available.

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